Ready, Set, Fit! Partnerships


While working on RSF is a blast, it takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources to accomplish what we do. We are grateful to the following sponsors for providing financial support to us in our mission to improve wellness and educate our users. The project would not exist without these partners.

The Degenstein Foundation

The Degenstein Foundation has been with us from the start. They have supported the project for multiple years and provided an immeasurable amount of help along the way. The donations from the foundation have helped fund technology, students, faculty, and travel. Without them RSF would never have come to be.

Bucknell University

The President’s Office of Bucknell was the second group to donate to RSF in late 2017. We wholehearted thank John Bravman for his support and guidance of the project. This support was instrumental in helping us add new community partners and build out the technology support of the project.

Geisinger Health Foundation

Geisinger advised and provided ideas to RSF for a few years and started financially supporting this project in the summer of 2018. These resources are used to support students.


It takes more than financial support to make RSF happen. We worked with a number of community partners to build the paths that you now see in the app. We have relied and continue to rely on those partners to help us identify what is relevant and interesting in their respective communities. This ensures that our content is authentic, correct, and interesting to our users. We would like to thank the following groups for their time and energy!

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

RSF is a part of the DCNR “Think Outside” program which is focused on getting college-aged students to get out and experience PA’s state parks and forests. They have provided access to people who have helped us create paths in state parks and forests.

Shamokin Area Businesses for Economic Revitalization

RSF is excited to partner with SABER to improve the economy of the Shamokin area and to promote and endorse businesses in the community through in-app rewards coming soon! 

The Improved Milton Experience

T.I.M.E. has been an RSF partner for a few years and has been a model organization for RSF.

Get in Touch!

Interested in partnering with Ready, Set, Fit!? Get in touch today and let’s talk about getting your community to walk towards fitness.

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