About Ready, Set, Fit!

A New Way to Exercise Your Mind and Body

Ready, Set, Fit! is a new and exciting way to learn about your surroundings at the same time you work out and get fit. Ready, Set, Fit! is the result of student/faculty collaboration at Bucknell University, and utilizes a variety of community partnerships to create path content. Developed with the support of the Degenstein Foundation of Sunbury, the Geisinger Health Foundation, and the Office of the President at Bucknell University, the app connects physical fitness to place-based learning through themed walking paths.

How it Works

With more than two dozen walking trails, Ready, Set, Fit! is a free app that combines the health and wellness features of your smart phone with the power of Google maps to provide themed and informational content for specific places. Simply download the app, choose a path near you, and begin learning while walking your way towards fitness. The app currently has a variety of paths in central Pennsylvania and is expanding.

Download the app
Choose a path near you
Start your workout
Learn as you go

Interested in Adding Content?

The development team is always looking for new content to add to our menu. If you and your organization are interested in developing new pathways, please contact us!

Meet the Team

Katherine Faull
Professor of German and Humanities

Shaunna Barnhart, Ph.D.
Director of Place Studies

Stu Thompson
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cuong Nguyen ’23
Computer Science

Past Student Developers

Josie Lippincott ’22
Digital Communications, Media & Design

Nicholas Passantino ’21
Computer Science Engineering

Austin O’Neil ’19

Caroline Whitman ’18
Computer Science

Jacob Mendelowitz ’18
Computer Engineering

Sam Greenberg ’18
Computer Engineering

Henry Stann ’17
Biomedical Engineering

Not Pictured:

Christian Ouellette ’18: Computer Engineering

Chase Kravetz ’20: Economics

Jiayu Huang ’17: Computer Engineering

Rajastri Alaparti ’17: Chemical Engineering

Will Sumfest ’17: U Cal Berkeley, Computer Science

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