How do I contribute?

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.09.51 AM.pngAre you interested in creating your own pathway for the app?  The process is quite straightforward.

First, identify an topic and an area that would lend itself well to a themed pathway.  Is it your downtown area? Your favorite walk in the park?  Do you know something about the history of the area that you think would motivate people to get outside and walk?

Start gathering content for the app, images and short descriptions of points on the pathway.  Decide how long you want your path to be.’

Then dive into the actual design, using our instructions on how to make a path.  You can find them here.

Once you have saved your path to “My Maps” you will be able to view it on the Google Maps app on your own smartphone.  This way you can check the way the content will appear in the app.

In order to connect your pathway to the health and fitness app, you will need to share the pathway with us.  Contact either Katie Faull or Stu Thompson for review.

It’s that easy!

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